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Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE. All users of this site agree that access to and use of this site are subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable law. Use of this website constitutes agreement to all terms and conditions outlined in the following terms of service:

PLEASE NOTE. This is a custom made product. Due to the custom nature of our products, orders cannot be returned or refunded if they arrive and are not what you intended.

Cancellation Policy

Products sold on this website are fully custom and therefore cannot be re-sold. Orders cannot be canceled once production has started. Orders may be cancelled within 24 hours of submission. No cancellations will be accepted after 24 hours.


Accuracy of Dimensions:

US Handmade Crafts allows 1/16" tolerance of the size ordered. Small variations in sizes may occur due to finish sanding and/or real wood expansion and contraction of lumber based products.

Changes/Modifications to the order:

US Handmade Crafts works to provide a short lead time. Once the order has been processed and batched, the order cannot be modified, canceled, or added to. Older orders may not be combined with newer orders to eliminate shipping costs.

Occasionally US Handmade Crafts will be able to make small changes to the order within 24 hours of the order being submitted via the website. Small changes such as a measurement adjustment may be possible but will not result in a change of pricing. Changes after 24 hours are strictly forbidden. All changes made after the order is submitted by the customer are not guaranteed and therefore remakes or financial compensation will not be allowed for any issues resulting from a change to the order.

Refund/Return Policy:

US Handmade Crafts does not accept returns on custom doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, etc, due to customer errors. Returns are accepted at the fault of US Handmade Crafts due to errors associated with the production of the product. 

Production Schedule:

The current lead time can be found at the top of the US Handmade Crafts homepage. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the current production time, please give us a call or submit an email to 

Shortages or Discrepancies:

All shortages or discrepancies must be submitted within 10 days of delivery and be reported via email to If the claim is submitted after the 10 day period, no replacements or refunds will be issued. If a discrepancy is found, US Handmade Crafts is not liable for project delays and/or overnight/expedited delivery of said items. US Handmade Crafts is not responsible for indirect costs/delays associated with damaged or missing products.


Doors, and drawer boxes are covered under warranty for up to 1 year from warping, bowing, or twisting (must be at least 1/4" out) from the date of delivery. Liability under this warranty is limited to the total amount of the order as shown on the invoice. US Handmade Crafts is not responsible for project delays or financial loses resulting from damaged/defective/delayed products/orders.

In the case of products being damaged, US Handmade Crafts will replace or repair the product at our own discretion. Note that this warranty does not cover damage as a result of wear and tear. Any damage as a result of customer handling or use is not covered under the terms of this warranty and will not warrant a replacement under these terms.

Products may be remade under warranty. US Handmade Crafts may require the original product to be returned to the factory for inspection prior to generating replacements. Shipping costs for the return will not be reimbursed by US Handmade Crafts. 

Some exceptions to the limited warranty:

Environmental Policy

Some small issues may arise during your project. Examples include and are not limited to; alignment issues, products being slightly out of square, or too wide/small, small blemishes in the natural wood, etc. Customer is expected to make a reasonable attempt to correct small issues on-site. US Handmade Crafts will not issue replacements if we feel the parts can be reasonably re-used, modified on site, or otherwise fixed by the customer with minimal effort. Ultimately, this policy will be activated if a customer requests remakes deemed unnecessary by US Handmade Crafts. 

Oversized Products

Doors over 30" wide and/or 50" tall are not covered under warranty against damage in shipping, warping, or bowing. Doors that are warped or bowed at 1/4" or less will be considered acceptable and not covered under this limited warranty. Drawer fronts over 33" wide are not covered under this limited warranty.

Warranty Replacements

To qualify for warranty replacement we classify defects in the following manner:

Defect- defined as any damage, heavy wood grain, knot, blemish, scratch, lack of finish, pit, hole, rub mark, discoloration, gouge, lump, paint chip, raised area, indent, etc.
End grain- defined as the grain of wood seen when it is cut across the growth rings. Typically visible on the top and bottoms of the cabinet doors/drawer fronts where the stiles end.

A grade*- defined as the face of the cabinet door
Defects larger than 1/8" in length or diameter will qualify for warranty/replacement.

B grade*- defined as the top, bottom, and sides of the cabinet doors

Defects larger than 1/4" in length or diameter will qualify for warranty/replacement. Pitting and rough texture on the end grains will not be covered under warranty as this is considered a natural characteristic of the real wood construction of the cabinet doors

C grade*- defined as the back sides of cabinet doors and all exposed sides of drawer box like products

Defects larger than 1/2" in length or diameter will qualify for warranty/replacement

D grade*- non exposed sides of drawer box like products (i.e. underside, this area is never seen in typical drawer box installations)
No defect of any size will qualify for warranty/replacement

Exceptions to Warranty Replacements:


1. US Handmade Crafts reserves the right approve or deny warranty/damage claims in all cases.

2. Drawer boxes are considered C grade and may come with patches and larger blemishes/knots. Mineral streaks, knots, discoloration, etc of the veneer/wood are common and not covered under warranty.

3. Painted or Primed products are hand sprayed/painted. As this is a real wood product and sprayed by hand, some slight blemishes are to expected. End grains (top and bottom of the doors/drawer fronts where the stiles end) will have a different texture than the face of the cabinet doors after paint/finish has been applied.

4. Seams and slight joint separation can and will develop over time on the frame of the door where the stiles and rails meet. This is common with a solid wood painted 5 piece door and not considered a defect.

5. Structural pin nail head on the backsides of the cabinets doors are not covered under warranty. Pin nails are used to keep the center panel stable and centered. Panels can shift in transit. Panel shifting is not considered a defect. Panel can be easily shifted back into place, on site, by the customer, with a bit of force/adjustment. Contact customer service for further instructions on center panel adjustments.

6. "Bridging" (Where paint connects from door panel to door frame). On the face of the door, where the panel and frame connect, this area will not be caulked prior to painting. Caulking can crack and fail over time. "Bridging" (i.e. where the paint bridges/spans the gap between frame and panel) is common and can occur in various areas of your door occasionally. Bridging is not covered under warranty and will not qualify for replacement or repair.