Woodworking Series: Part 2 - Wood Decorating Tips!

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Woodworking Series: Part 2 - Wood Decorating Tips!

Hello and welcome back! In this post, we will be continuing our in-depth look at wood and wooden products with the second installment of our woodworking series! If you have not yet checked out Part 1, be sure to check it out if you are looking to extend the life of your wooden products! Now let’s get into our topics for this post: decorating wooden products and tips for decorating with wooden products around your home!


Decorating with wood and/or wooden products can really be the defining touch that ties an entire room together. The natural beauty of the wood itself can be breathtaking, but like anything else, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about decorating. There’s nothing too complicated about it so hopefully, we can give you some tips to make your all-around decorating experience easier! (Tips are in no particular order)

  • When using more than one wooden piece to decorate a room, be sure that the items have similar undertones to the wood. The woods do not have to be a perfect match, but they should complement each other. Warm undertones appear red, yellow, or orange within the wood and products with warm undertones should be paired with other warm colored items. The same goes for cool undertones, or a greyish looking wood color. Neutral, or beige, undertones can be mixed with either warm or cool undertones or a unifying piece that has multiple tones.
  • If you are decorating a room that allows a lot of light to enter, consider decorating with darker wooden products to contrast the light. The opposite is the case with darker rooms that are not exposed to as much light. Try decorating with lighter pieces to contrast the dark.
  • Aside from walls, floors, and large furniture, having wooden accent pieces such as a side table or picture frame present can help to establish some uniformity throughout the room. But as with any of our tips, don’t get too carried away! If you feel like there is already enough wood present, other non-wooden accents like pillows, throws, and rugs are great compliments.
  • Don’t stress about different wooden items matching exactly. Complementary grains are way better than “close”. Having two close but not exactly looking finishes looks like you tried to match them but failed.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looking finishes! You will never know for sure if you like a particular piece until you see it in the setting you are decorating. If possible, bring samples of wall color, wood grain, or take photos of the room you are trying to decorate while shopping for wooden products for accuracy.
  • When decorating a wooden product itself, stains or paint followed by an enamel can add a sleek, shiny finish. Be careful not to use too much paint, enamel, or glue when you decorate. But if you do use too much, wipe away the excess with a cloth so that it doesn’t accumulate and dry onto your wooden product.


Now that you have some ideas on where to start, the rest is up to you! Let your creativity be your guide on where to go from here! Thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be in the know on all things happening at U.S. Handmade Crafts! God bless America!

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