What's in your Easter Basket? + Our 2019 Easter Favorites!

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What's in your Easter Basket? + Our 2019 Easter Favorites!

Hello and welcome back! The Easter season is an awesome time of year. Trees and flowers are beginning to bloom, the cold winter weather is starting to change to warmer springtime temperatures, and the days are getting longer; allowing us more time to take in and enjoy all the things that are changing around us. Easter is also a time to spend with loved ones and to remember the reason for the season. One of my favorite things to do on Easter was to hunt for Easter eggs. My competitive side always found its way out during Easter egg hunts because I loved the excitement and competition of trying to find the most eggs and therefore the most of whatever was inside of them! Another great part of Easter is getting Easter baskets filled with quirky crafts, toys, and delicious candy. Getting crafty and decorating for Easter is a great way to let your creativity shine and show off your unique style. There are tons of opportunities during Easter to decorate items such as Easter baskets, eggs, crosses, wreaths, wall décor, and just about anything else that you can think of because there is no such thing as too much Easter! What are your favorite Easter traditions? What is your favorite thing to decorate for Easter? Let us know in the comments!


Our Easter picks:

“Easter Basket” (Wood Container)

Wooden Cross

Any one of our Signature Frames


We want to see what’s in (or on) your Easter basket! Post a picture using #ushcEaster of your decorated Easter basket to show us and the craft community just how creative you can be this Easter season! ‘Hoppy’ Easter!



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