Turkey Day!

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Turkey Day!

Hello and welcome back! Thanksgiving is almost here, and with that comes plenty of food and lots of time with family and friends. In this post, we will be discussing Thanksgiving craft tips, D.I.Y. decor ideas, and last-minute decorating tips for your home this Turkey Day! If you already have your home decorated for the fall season, you more than likely already have some decorations put up that follow the Thanksgiving theme as well! Let's get started!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Nothing beats spending quality time with family and friends while eating food, food, and more food! I feel like Thanksgiving may get slightly overlooked by some people because of its close proximity to Christmas, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best holidays of the whole year. Along with food and family, the Thanksgiving season is a great time for creating, crafting, and decorating. There are plenty of opportunities at this time of year for creating and displaying your handmade creations throughout your home for all of your guests to see. For example, decorate your picture frames with autumnal accents to show off your family Thanksgiving pictures to all of your invited guests this holiday season! Another great accent for your home this Thanksgiving is a wreath! Wreaths are perfect for allowing a preview of your indoor theme from outside your home! Let everyone who is entering your home that it is Turkey Day at your house! Finally, nothing can effectively convey your thankfulness more than literally spelling it out with a word or letter block and adding a few fall accents to compliment. And what better way to decorate all of your Thanksgiving creations than with FREE craft supplies! Fall colored leaves, acorns, and branches are some of nature’s best craft supplies at this time of year and they can be found in your own backyard! You can use them to decorate almost anything you want at this time of year! Picture frames, wreaths, and even furniture can be given a fall touch with some of the many different natural decorations found all around you during this time of year!

Now that all of your crafting and decorating is done, all that is left to do is enjoy Thanksgiving Day with family, friends, food, football, and more! For more Thanksgiving crafts, décor tips, and recipes check out our Thanksgiving board on Pinterest! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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