The Perfect Christmas Gift

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The Perfect Christmas Gift

Hello and welcome back! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! We are right in the thick of the holiday season. It seems like only yesterday we were getting ready for Thanksgiving and now we’re getting ready for Christmas. If you’re anything like me, you are still frantically trying to think of what presents to get the special people in your life. To me, it is one of the most difficult things about the holidays because I don’t want to disappoint whoever is receiving a gift from me. I’m sure many of you are faced with the same problem each year and I just wanted to remind you of the old saying, “it’s the thought that counts” and let you know that it is indeed true. I’m not saying give the special people in your life a pile of dirt and say, “it’s the thought that counts.” What I am saying is to not stress yourself out thinking about what gifts you want to give to people. Keep it simple, yet thoughtful. People who are especially close to you will know that no matter what you give them, as long as an effort was shown and some thought was put into it, it comes from the heart. With that being said, I want to try to give those who are still trying to think of the perfect gift some inspiration on some thoughtful, yet simple gifts that you can try this Christmas season and those to come!


The first and more old-fashioned method of thoughtful gift-giving is to make the gift yourself. Taking a page out of the grade school book of gift-giving, throw it back a few years to your days as a kid, and make a great gift with your own two hands. Not necessarily grabbing a piece of wood and widdling it down to a figurine or anything like that but using your own abilities to enhance a finished product is a great way to show whoever is receiving the gift that you care enough about them to put a little additional effort in order to give them a thoughtful gift. If you are looking for a good starting point for a handmade gift, browse our selection of Unfinished Products to see which one would make a good gift for the special people in your life! Another great way to give a thoughtful gift to someone is to think back to a memory that you shared with that person and give them a gift that will take them back to that time and bring back the good memories that you shared with them in that moment. When trying this approach, try to think of a memory that only you and the person you are giving the gift to share. It’s okay if there were more people involved but the fewer people who share that memory, the more special it will be to the person who is receiving the gift. The final idea that I want to give you for giving a thoughtful Christmas gift is to give something that is practical. If you absolutely cannot think of a thoughtful gift to give someone, a good last resort is to get them something that you know they will actually use. I’m not saying just buy a gift card to the person's favorite store. But I am saying that if you know that your dad is an avid fisherman, rather than trying to guess what kind of tackle or fishing supplies he needs and risk getting him something that he already has or will not use, a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store could be a good gift that will allow him to select exactly what supplies he wants or needs. Or if you know that your mom is an avid crafter and uses a specific kind of paint often, replenishing her supply of paint is a good way to not only make sure that your mom doesn’t run out of paint but also that she knows that you pay attention to the things she likes and that you put some thought into the gift.


All of these ideas are ways that you can show your loved ones this holiday season that you put time and effort into choosing their gift this year. For even more gift-giving ideas, check out our Christmas board on Pinterest! Also, let us know what thoughtful gifts you are giving the important people in your life in the comments!  Have a blessed Christmas! 


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