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Hello and welcome back! While we are certainly navigating through a unique time in our world’s history together, we need now more than ever to make sure that we have positive outlets to take us away from all the uncertainty and negativity that is out there surrounding us. If you are stuck at your home and looking for ways to stay busy, crafting and creating are some great ways to keep your mind and body active while practicing social distancing at the same time! Not to mention that you can make unique home décor and crafts that you wouldn’t otherwise...

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Hello and welcome back! Spring has almost sprung and that means that we have some awesome holidays coming up that will provide us with endless opportunities for crafting and D.I.Y. projects! The first big spring holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, which gives crafters an abundance of chances to design, create, and decorate their homes and home décor to bring the luck of the Irish right through their front door! The mantle is a great place to start decorating in your home for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s out of the way yet it draws the eyes of your guests if decorated...

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Hello and welcome back! Are you looking for a fun summer activity for yourself or your children or grandchildren? Or perhaps you are a nature enthusiast who wants to give a bird a great and stylish home. No matter your reasoning, decorating a birdhouse is a great craft project for people of all ages and skill levels!They say birds of a feather flock together. But we say, why be a part of the flock? Birdhouses allow you to be YOU while creating. You can reflect your personal style onto the panels of your birdhouse. If you are spunky and sassy,...

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Hello and welcome back! This post is going to be dedicated to any of those who are trying to improve their arts and crafts skills. Maybe you’re a beginner and are looking for a starting point, or maybe you’re a seasoned crafting veteran simply looking to spark your own ideas. No matter your skill level, there is always room for improvement. For the beginners, the first suggestion that I would make would be to browse the internet and websites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube for craft posts or videos that stand out to you. Pay attention to social media...

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