Stars & Stripes + Our 4th of July Favorites!

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Stars & Stripes + Our 4th of July Favorites!

Hello and welcome back! In this post, we want to give you some ideas on decorating your home for Independence Day as well as some tips for creating your own décor and party favors for your annual 4th of July cookout!


If you are planning on having guests at your home for a cookout this 4th of July, patriotic decorations are a must. You want to make sure that everyone who comes to your party feels a sense of patriotism when they walk into your home. Standard red, white, and blue tablecloths, plates, and napkins are all party favors that can be bought from the store, but what about the other key aspects of a 4th of July gathering that may not be as easy to simply buy from a store. Things like wreaths, wall or door letters and even picture frames are all items that can bolster your patriotic atmosphere if used and decorated effectively. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite picks for your home this Independence Day!


Word or letter blocks are great décor items for all holidays. One of the best ways to say “Happy 4th of July”, or even “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Halloween”, is by spelling it out and putting it on display with other decorative items like a picture frame.


A Monogram Letter is another great décor item for most holidays. Try a solid white letter and decorate the border with red and blue ribbons and fabric and you instantly have a D.I.Y. wreath for your front door or wall!


Of course, picture frames are another versatile item that can be used as décor for almost any holiday. The great thing about picture frames are that they can be used a number of ways. They can be a focal piece that commands your attention, but they can also be accent pieces that assist a more prominent piece.


There are tons of other super unique ways to create your own 4th of July décor by recycling and repurposing non-conventional items into amazing creations. For example, an old wooden pallet can be upcycled into a huge wooden American flag with the help of a little sandpaper and paint! Or mason jars can be converted into stylish party favor holders. The possibilities are truly endless, you just have to use your imagination! For more inspiration and ideas for Independence Day décor or your next D.I.Y. project, check out our Stars and Stripes board on Pinterest as well as our other boards for craft ideas, home décor tips, recipes, and more!  


*If you would like a custom product for this 4th of July, please contact us for a quote. Put your creativity to the test, we love a good challenge!


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