The Season of Love

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The Season of Love

Hello and welcome back! The season of love is here, and Valentine’s day is almost upon us! To kick off the Valentine’s season, we want to give you some ideas for how to decorate your home or space for cupid’s big day as well as some inspiration for crafty gifts for you to give that special someone in your life. Valentine’s day is obviously the day for you to show your love and appreciation for the ones in your life who are closest to you. And what better way to show your love and appreciation than by gifting the special people in your life a gift that has been personally made by hand by you! There is no doubt that a handmade gift will mean more to someone than a gift that has simply been purchased from a store. Handmade gifts show the recipient that you took the additional time to decorate or customize the gift to give them something that is truly special and that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.


If you are looking to create a Valentine’s day theme in your home, a great place to start is your front door. A Valentine’s day themed wreath or monogrammed letter would both be great ways to give those coming into your home a warm, loving welcome! Try accenting your front door décor with ribbons, flowers, or hearts as well as plenty of red, pink, or white mixed in to ensure that your guests are greeted properly with love, as they should. Other great ways to decorate or give gifts on Valentine’s day are by decorating word or letter blocks or by decorating picture frames. Both of these ideas are great ways to mirror the common Valentine’s day themes of love and appreciation throughout your entire home.  A picture frame decorated with hearts or roses that houses a picture of the special someone in your life tells anyone who sees it how important they are to you. Word or letter blocks are extremely trendy ways to decorate while sending a specific message at the same time. And what better way to convey the theme of love than by literally spelling it out and displaying it in your home or space? Don’t overthink your Valentine’s Day gifts this year, there are plenty of options out there that are simple to create yet will probably be some of the best gifts that the recipient has ever gotten. Don’t forget to show us the personalized Valentine's gifts that you are giving or receiving this year by posting a picture along with #ushcDIY, we will share some of our favorites! Also, feel free to share your own ideas in the comments as well as check out our Valentine’s Day board on Pinterest! Have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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