Hoppy Easter

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Hoppy Easter

Hello and welcome back! While we are certainly navigating through a unique time in our world’s history together, we need now more than ever to make sure that we have positive outlets to take us away from all the uncertainty and negativity that is out there surrounding us. If you are stuck at your home and looking for ways to stay busy, crafting and creating are some great ways to keep your mind and body active while practicing social distancing at the same time! Not to mention that you can make unique home décor and crafts that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get since most non-essential stores are closed, so it’s a win-win!


With that being said, Easter is almost here, and we want to give you some ideas for Easter-themed crafts and décor that you can more than likely create from your home to avoid going out in public. While most hardware stores (at least in our area) are open, they can be a good place to gather the necessary materials you will need to start many of your home projects, just make sure you are following any guidelines set by your local authorities when going out in public places. Wooden 2x4’s, any scrap wood, and anything else you can find at your local hardware store can be great starting points for a ton of different craft projects. A simple wooden 2x4 can be transformed into a cute Easter bunny or a springtime flower with the right imagination to make it happen! If you would rather not leave your house, there are plenty of options waiting to be explored. Perhaps you may have some scrap wood laying around from previous projects or are planning on recycling wood from somewhere else to create something new. Even though our resources may be somewhat limited right now does not mean that our imaginations have to be! With Easter occurring at a unique time this year, unique measures have to be taken to make sure that it has the same wonderful spring feeling that it always does, and that means thinking outside of the box and getting creative!

We want to see how you are decorating your home or space this Easter! Regardless of how extravagant your décor is, show us by posting a picture of your Easter décor along with #ushcDIY to show us and the rest of the crafting community how creative you can be during this very unique time in our country’s history. For more inspiration for your Easter décor this year, check out our Easter board on Pinterest for tons of additional unique ideas that are sure to set the Easter and spring themes for your home! Stay safe and stay positive, we will make it through this together!

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