Birds of a Feather

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Birds of a Feather

Hello and welcome back! Are you looking for a fun summer activity for yourself or your children or grandchildren? Or perhaps you are a nature enthusiast who wants to give a bird a great and stylish home. No matter your reasoning, decorating a birdhouse is a great craft project for people of all ages and skill levels!They say birds of a feather flock together. But we say, why be a part of the flock? Birdhouses allow you to be YOU while creating. You can reflect your personal style onto the panels of your birdhouse. If you are spunky and sassy, show it on your birdhouse! Use loud, bright colors and tons of sparkles and glitter so that everyone and every bird knows exactly who made it… YOU! Or if you have a rustic theme going on inside your home and want your garden to match, you could try emulating specific features of your home on your birdhouse, making your birdhouse a miniature farmhouse!


Birdhouses not only provide the benefits of giving birds a home in which to nest and adding some flavor to your garden, but they also provide a few indirect benefits that you might not have thought of. One of these benefits is pest control. Birds eat insects and by having a birdhouse in your garden, you won’t have to invest in harmful pesticides to keep bugs away because the birds will do it for you! Just as birds like to eat insects, they also like to eat seeds. That includes the seeds of weeds that would otherwise grow and take over your garden, thus eliminating the need for the harmful chemicals of weed killer! Birds are also natural pollinators. Just like bees, birds transfer pollen from flowers to help with their growth and repopulation in your garden. And lastly, having birds actively flying around your garden simply looks good. Who doesn’t want to look out into their garden and see the beauty of nature unfolding right there before their eyes? The answer is no one, and a birdhouse can have that same effect on YOUR garden. Now that you know some of the hidden benefits of having a birdhouse in your garden, all that is left to do is to decorate your own birdhouse and let the birds do the rest!


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