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Anything Frames

Hello and welcome back! This post is going to be about thinking outside of the box. It’s about finding new ways to use things that may be considered unconventional. We want to give you some new ideas for different things that picture frames can be used for… other than pictures! Now you’re probably wondering, “Why would I want to put something other than a picture in a picture frame?” To that, we would respond, “Why not?” There are so many possibilities when it comes to what can go inside of a picture frame. Yes, a photo of you and your friends of course, but a picture frame could also house a monthly calendar, a to-do or goal achievement board, or simply a piece of felt or fabric to accent other design pieces around it. Like with any other crafting project or even life in general, the process of trial and error is imperative in finding unique and creative ways to transform a picture frame. If you have an idea or even a hunch about something, I encourage you to try it and see what happens. The worst that can happen is that you scrap the idea and move on to your next one. If the idea turns out to be a good one, the results can be amazing. Some of our most creative works come when we least expect them or when we are merely “experimenting”. Part of the specialness is the surprise of stumbling onto a good idea when you weren’t necessarily trying to.


Now for a list of some of our ideas for different uses for a picture frame:

  • Chalkboard/ dry-erase board
  • Felt or fabric with design (perhaps silk for a classy look or burlap for a rustic look)
  • Cork or foam board
  • Knitted, stitched, or crocheted designs
  • Motivational quotes, sayings, or phrases
  • Calendar/ To-Do list
  • Contemporary wood designs (symmetric or abstract)


These are just a few ideas for some alternative uses for your typical picture frame but the possibilities are endless. The rest is left for you to discover. So, get out there, get crafty, and get creative with your projects! What will you create?


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