A Mother's Love + Our Mother's Day Picks!

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A Mother's Love + Our Mother's Day Picks!

Hello and welcome back! Mother’s Day is almost here and getting her the perfect gift may be a little tougher than usual this year with the current situation going on in the world. However, not being able to shop like you normally would shouldn’t make your gift any less special. Homemade gifts are often more special than store-bought gifts because more effort is typically put into the gift to create the finished product. The mothers in your life can also appreciate that you went out of your way to make this year’s gift special because that’s absolutely what they would do for you. Social distancing and self-quarantine have shown us just how creative people can be by making more out of less since our normal craft resource stores are likely closed or operating on limited schedules. Crafters are finding new and unique ways to use, reuse, recycle, and upcycle items that they have lying around their homes and turn those items into unique and creative finished works, and that’s what we want to help you do for the mothers in your life as well! First off, we want to give you our personal favorite Mother’s Day picks from the U.S. Handmade Crafts collection, followed by some additional ideas that you can try with items you may already have lying around your house that will show the mothers in your life how creative you are, let’s get into it!


Our number one favorite item(s) for any occasion is our picture frames. Photos are one of the best ways to remember the special moments in your life forever, and what better way to make sure this is a Mother’s Day that she never forgets than to give her a frame that houses the pictures of her family and everyone who she is close to! Our monogram letters are also great gifts for moms. She can let everyone know that her house is exactly that, HERS, and that she makes the rules! If your mother or wife is interested in nature, gardening, and the outdoors, a birdhouse is a great way for her to bring life and add a personal touch to her garden or outdoor space, while also giving a bird a great home at the same time! A cross is also a great way for moms to proclaim their faith to all who enter their homes. Joshua 24:15 says: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” and we cannot think of a better verse for mothers. She can show all who enter her home that she and everyone else that she cares for are faithful servants of the Lord. Finally, she may need something to help display all of these great products. Our wooden shelf, square top table, and “Mama’s” bench are great items to help the mothers in your life show off all of the great decorations that they have received for Mother’s Day!


Now we want to shift gears before we wrap things up. If you are looking for more D.I.Y. type gifts, check out our Mother’s Day or Stay at Home boards on Pinterest for more ideas that involve recycling and upcycling goods that you may already have at your home into creative gifts for mom!


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